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Wren ‘n’ Web

Cobweb Cravings of a Busy Bird
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“Oh my, what a busy little wren I am, dashing about here and there, always on the lookout for a tasty morsel to sink my beak into. And what do we have here? A cobweb, just ripe for the picking. I can see a plump fly caught in its sticky strands, just waiting to be devoured.

I flit and flutter, my wings a blur as I dance around the web, searching for the perfect angle to strike. And there it is, the fly, wriggling and writhing in its webby prison. I swoop in, my beak open wide, and gobble it up in one swift movement.

Delicious! The fly was a treat but now I must be off, there’s no time to dawdle, not for a busy little wren like me. There are always more insects and spiders to be found, and I, the mad hatter of the bird world, will never tire of my endless search for a tasty meal.

And I am not just a busy little bird, always searching for my next meal. Oh no, I am also a songbird, a melody maker. I love to sing, to trill and warble and whistle my little heart out. And why not? The world is a beautiful place, full of wonder and delight, and I can’t help but express my joy through song. As I flit and flutter, I let out a joyful trill, my voice a symphony in the trees. It’s a reminder of my wildness and freedom, and it’s a way for me to connect with my flock.”

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  1. This is so adorable and lovely!

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