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Car Park Meeting

The Lamp Post Incident
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Report of Private Investigation

Subject: White car in a dark car park

On the evening of [date], I was assigned to follow a white car in a dark car park. The area was lit by a single lamp post and there was a sign on said lamp post warning against feeding the gulls.

During my surveillance, I observed the white car arrive at the car park and park in a spot near the lamp post. A black car arrived shortly after and parked next to the white car. Both vehicles remained stationary for approximately 15 minutes before the occupants of the white car exited the vehicle and had a brief conversation with the occupants of the black car.

After the conversation, the white car left the car park, with the black car remaining stationary. I followed the white car as instructed, but it did not engage in any suspicious activity and ultimately returned to its residence.

I did not observe any criminal activity or any violation of law. The sign of “Do not feed the gulls” seems not related to the case and I did not observe anyone feeding the gulls.

End of Report.

Anybody got any suggestions how this story should continue, or what lead to this meeting? Let me know in the comments.

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