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Great Great Grandfather’s Hunting Accident.

Hey there! I’d love to share a photo with you – it’s of my great great grandfather and his wife (who looks very nice) with their five daughters. My great grandmother is actually the one in the middle at the back (who looks very stern I think.)

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Interestingly, I came across some information about his life through the census and local newspaper records. It turns out that he had a hunting accident where he unfortunately lost his eye and injured his arm which must have been why he was recorded as a helpless almsman in one census. He must have been a tough man as in the next census, he was listed as a “rock cracker,” which I’m assuming means he worked with a sledgehammer to crack rocks (with one arm!)

I also found out that he had some family responsibilities. On top of raising five daughters with only one eye and one arm, according to the local newspaper, he was ordered by the court to help pay for the maintenance of his father – my great great great grandfather, who had come to Wales from Ireland. It’s fascinating to learn about my family’s history!

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3 responses to “Great Great Grandfather’s Hunting Accident.”

  1. Yes. I agree. Beautiful fashion but I’m glad for the future and the changes we have made..

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  2. Such a beautiful family 💕 I love how beautiful they clothes are. I wish the dresses would come back so we could wear them 💕💞

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    1. Yeah, i love these old photos. Must have been hard times tho

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