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Life lessons with chrysanthemums

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Grasshopper: Master Po, I have brought these chrysanthemums to offer as a gift. They are a symbol of autumn and their beauty fills me with wonder.

Master Po: Ah, Grasshopper, you have chosen well. These flowers are a favorite among poets and artists for their gentle grace. But did you know that chrysanthemums have a rich and fascinating history?

Grasshopper: No, Master Po. Please tell me more.

Master Po: Legend has it that a wise man discovered a magical herb that could cure any illness. He gave the herb to the emperor, who was so pleased with the gift that he named it after the two Greek words for “golden” and “flower” – chrysos and anthemon. And thus, the chrysanthemum was born.

Grasshopper: That is a beautiful story, Master Po. I had no idea that chrysanthemums had such a mystical beginning.

Master Po: Indeed, my dear Grasshopper. In ancient China, chrysanthemums were considered symbols of longevity and good fortune. People of the Tang dynasty would even drink chrysanthemum wine to ward off evil spirits and extend their lives. And in Japan, the chrysanthemum is the symbol of the Imperial Family, a powerful emblem of honor and tradition.

Grasshopper: I had no idea that chrysanthemums were so revered. Are there any practical uses for them?

Master Po: Indeed there are, Grasshopper. The leaves and petals of the chrysanthemum can be used to make a tea that has powerful healing properties. It can ease headaches, reduce fever, and even improve digestion. And if that is not enough, chrysanthemum tea has a delicate, floral flavor that will transport your taste buds to the gardens of heaven.

Grasshopper: That sounds wonderful, Master Po. And what about the aesthetic value of chrysanthemums?

Master Po: Ah, Grasshopper, chrysanthemums come in a rainbow of colors, from fiery reds to gentle pinks to vibrant yellows. Their intricate petals unfurl like delicate origami, a marvel of nature’s artistry. Chrysanthemums can be arranged in stunning bouquets or planted in gardens to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Grasshopper: Thank you for enlightening me, Master Po. I will never look at a chrysanthemum the same way again.

Master Po: Remember, Grasshopper, to appreciate the simple things in life, for they are often the most profound. And may the beauty of the chrysanthemum fill your heart with peace and wonder.

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One response to “Life lessons with chrysanthemums”

  1. Thank you, Anthony, for a fascinating post!

    “Flowers are the essence of the world”, said the last gardener of Aleppo.



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